Exorcism!! Plus we're still talking about what the catechism has to say about Jesus.


Episcopal Dictionary https://episcopalchurch.org/library/glossary/all

BCP Online https://www.bcponline.org


Here's what the Book of Occassional Services has to say about Exorcism

The practice of expelling evil spirits by means of prayer and ritual derives its authority from Christ Jesus, who understood power over these forces as a sign of Messianic identity. The Church in succeeding centuries recognized this power of Christ in their shared life but reserved the rites of exorcism to its bishops. Later still the bishops began to delegate this authority to select presbyters and others deemed competent.

In accordance with this established tradition, someone in need of such a ministry, and anyone desiring to exercise it, makes the matter known to a presbyter, who in turn consults with the bishop. The bishop then determines whether exorcism is needed, who is to officiate at the rite, and what prayers or other formularies are to be used.



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